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Questions about the Moon lamp

The lamp exhibits 3 colors - Cool White, Warm Yellow and Red. All the colors can be controlled by the touch sensitive switch at the bottom of the lamp and also by the remote control that is included with your moon lamp.

The box comes with a complete package that includes - the moon lamp (with an in-built battery), a informative color booklet depicting regions of the moon's surface, a wall adapter, a 4' USB charging cable, a remote control (including its batteries) and wooden stand for the lamp. All these items are packed in an elegant gift box.

Yes there is a seam at the bottom of the moon lamp where the touch switch is located.

The lamp is made of biodegradable PLA material. The base is made of wood. The remote is made of plastic.

The battery can last upto 8 hours on a single charge. Our lamps come with a remote control – so if plugged in the lamp can run continuously as well.

Yes, the lithium ion battery is housed within the lamp.


Questions about the 3d printing pen

This 3d pen is a low temperature pen heating up to only 140 F (60 C). Moreover the filament it uses is PCL - which does not produce any smell when heated up. Due to these reasons, this pen does not produce any odor or toxic smells.

The box contains the 3d pen, 10 drawing templates, 1 plastic mat, 4 color PCL filaments, user manual, usb cable and wall adapter. The box has the complete package of items you will need for hours of fun. Each filament is 16 feet long so in total there is close to 64 feet (20 m) of filament in the box. We have included more than sufficient filament in the box to get you started.

The pen will continue until the filament is long enough to continue feeding. It is recommended to put in another piece of filament in the pen as soon as the last bit of the previous filament is taken into the pen. Then the new filament will catch on the feeder gear motor, feed through and push the remaining filament from the previous filament through the tip. You can continue using your pen after that.

Additionally when you are finished using the pen - it is highly recommended to back out any filament from the pen before storing it.

The pen is designed to be used for PCL filament only. This is because we can keep the pen at a low temperature, avoid any odors and make the pen safer to use.

The plastic filaments cannot be re melted. Please buy new PCL filament to use with the 3d printing pen.

Questions about the potty training watch

There is an inbuilt lithium ion battery in the watch. The battery will last upto 3 days on standby.

The watch is waterproof for accidental splashes. We suggest you don’t take the watch to swim or shower. The back cover makes the watch waterproof. Please ensure that the back cover is always placed on the watch.

To quite the watch during nap and nighttime please enter into the timer mode on the watch. Then select the Off selection by long pressing on the 1 button on the watch. This will shut the timer off.

The Go Go watch isn’t loud to be annoying with loud enough to be heard if someone is sitting in a next door room. The watch does not have the ability to adjust the volume.

The watch can be set to 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 minute intervals.

Your Go Go watch is designed so that it resets itself automatically at the end of each countdown.

Questions about the dinosaur toys

Yes there is an information booklet included in the box. It gives in depth information on dinosaurs.

Yes the dinosaurs are non toxic BPA free and the set conforms to US Toy Safety Standards.

The largest is the T-Rex and is about 9 inches in size. The other dinosaurs are in the range of 6 inches to 9 inches.