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Potty Training Chart For Toddlers – Dinosaur Design - Reward Your Child – Sticker Chart, 4 Week Chart

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Potty Training Chart For Toddlers – Reward Your Child – Sticker Chart, 4 Week Chart, Certificate, Instruction Booklet and More – For Boys and Girls




POTTY TRAINING STICKER CHART – potty training is a huge milestone in any little one’s life which is why it is important to encourage them as soon as they’re ready. There is nothing better than following a system where your child is rewarded each time they use the toilet or portable potty


FUN AND EXCITING POTTY TRAINING KIT – we have included everything you need to make potty training a complete success. With 4 weeks’ worth of kit your child will be working hard to earn rewards, wear the crown when using the toilet and successfully complete their training. Follow our thorough instruction kit on how to get started


WHAT’S INCLUDED IN OUR TOILET TRAINING SET? – 1 instruction page, 1 eight-page instruction booklet, 2 celebratory crowns, a certificate of completion, 200 stickers, 3 wall decals and a convenient erasable marker. Make growing out of diapers and into proper underwear fun and exciting for your toddler


POTTY STICKER CHART – every time your child uses the toilet or potty they should be rewarded with one of the fun animal stickers, they can place it on the relevant day of the week and watch the days fill up with stickers. A different reward of your choosing can be given for each successful day whether it be a snack, toy or fun day out  


POTTY TRAINING CERTIFICATE AND DECALS – the decals included in our potty-training kit are designed to be placed around the bathroom to encourage the use of toilet paper, toilet flush and wash basin. When your little one is successfully trained reward them with the certificate included in your kit


Hints and tips on potty training
If you’re worrying about when to start potty training your child then worry no more. The handy booklet included in our kit gives you lots of hints, tips and advice on noticing the signs that your child is ready. Use the guide to help you along the potty-training journey, making it a fun and enjoyable time for both of you.

Re-usable potty chart

Use the red erasable marker in your potty kit to complete each page of the potty-training reward chart with your child’s name, the day of the week and date. Use the hanging thread to hang it on the door of the bathroom so it’s insight all the time. Add reward items or activities to the bottom of each day so your child knows what they are aiming for. Don’t forget to add a sticker to the relevant weekday, each time they use the toilet or instigate peeing or pooping in the toilet or potty. Making this a true celebration is really encouraging for them and should motivate them to continue doing well.


Celebration crowns, fun decals and instruction chart

We have included a Big Girl crown and a Big Boy crown for your child to wear when they are using the toilet which is fun and makes them feel grown up. There is also a laminated instruction chart that can also be hung in the bathroom and a thank you card too.   

There are 3 decals included in your potty kit measuring 3 x 3inches each. One is to be placed right by the toilet paper dispenser as a reminder to use it. One is to be placed by the toilet flush to remind kids to flush the toilet and the other is for next to the washbasin to remind them to wash their hands.


 Potty training reward certificate

At the end of the 4 weeks, whether your child is fully potty trained or not, is the time to issue them with the certificate to mark how far they have come. You can use the pen included in the potty-training kit to complete their name and the date along with the Big Boy or Big Girl section and your name too. This will be a proud moment for them and they can share the news with their family and friends.

BUY NOW and make potty training easier with our informative and fun potty-training kit



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