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Seek the moon light and use these lighting ideas for your children's room

Lighting is an essential part of home décor. When you combine the lighting with other aspects like wall color, furniture creates a welcoming ambiance for the whole space. Like your living room, lighting is equally essential for your kid's room. Today, you can choose from a wide variety of lighting options, specially designed for a kid's room. But it doesn't have to be a costly affair to light up your children’s room. You can simply open the bedroom window and let the moon light come in at night. The calmness of the moon light, coupled with your lighting ideas, can create a soothing environment for your kids. Enough beating around the bush! Let's get you straight down to our favorite...

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How to potty train your child? Potty training chart, potty chair and everything else

Many parents struggle with potty training their kids. They don’t know when to start it or how to do it? There are always signs to look out for when it is time to start it off finally. But what you need to understand is that you need patience and that every child is different and learns at their own pace. What are the signs that my child is ready for potty training? There are sure signs every parent can follow and know that their little bag of happiness is ready for potty training: - Fewer diapers to change: All kids frequently pee until they reach about 20 months of age. Check if your child is keeping dry for at least an hour....

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