Décor Ideas For Kids’ Room: From Color changing Moon Lamp To A Chaise

Kids are full of imagination and have a particular vision of how they want to decorate their room. Mostly, their imagination draws inspiration from their favorite movie, TV show, comics, and contain their superheroes. But let’s face it; it is the parents who have to find the perfect balance between the kid’s imagination and real-world. 

So, without further waiting, we bring you some amazing décor ideas for your kids’ room.

Layers of rugs

We all know how messy our children’s bedroom can be. With their hands too small for most of the things, spilling, scuffing, and tearing are a natural part of growing up. As a parent you cannot stop all these incidents but you can definitely prepare for them. You can find designable rugs and carpet tiles at the store or online and layer them in the kid’s room. So, when your kids do spill anything, you can easily move the rugs around to cover the ugly marks. 

A Canopy

You can set up a small bed canopy for your little ones where they can let their imaginations run wild. And it is not that difficult to set one up. All you have to do is head to your local hardware store and buy a thick manila rope, a wooden dowel, and a painter’s drop cloth. If you and your kids think the drop cloth is a bit bland, you can simple paint, stick and modify different designs on it.

From one generation to another

Creating and decorating your kid’s room does not mean you have to buy new stuff or spend your whole day making something. You can simply add things that belonged to your bedroom when you were a kid. It can be anything from toys, lights, wall posters to even furniture like a desk or bed. Incorporate these things and you have created a tasteful blend of old-meets-new.

All hands on deck!

A kid’s life is all about playing, eating, and sleeping. The kind of life we all desired to have! But let’s not steer off and focus. To ensure your kids have enough floor space to play around, try to shift most of the décor on the wall. You can even add a nice looking chaise and a chair for your kid to relax and read. Top it all off with light-colored, printed wallpaper that brightens up the room.

Create a small section

Bunk beds are a great way to free up the floor space for your kids. And you use curtains under the bunk beds to create a secluded section under the bed where your little bundle of love can have their private space. We all want a particular space in our home where we can retire and be ourselves. So, why not a small space for our kids, too?

Decorative lights

Lighting and décor go hand-in-hand. And it’s not only about your living room or bedroom but for your kid’s room too. While you decorate the walls with wallpapers and the floor with rugs, buy some fairy lights to hang around the room. You can even buy table lamps like a rechargeable moon lamp with variable glow intensity. These lamps are enough to create a peaceful theme in the room. There are even color changing moon lamps that will keep your kids playing.

Final thoughts

When it comes to your kid’s room, there is no limit to how you can decorate it. All you have to do is step in your kid’s shoes and imagine the world in their colors. But since you are the grown-up, you can easily incorporate functionality in your child’s imagination. Let’s do this!