Best Potty Training Watch For Girls & Boys


Parenting is a complicated task. When it comes to building an effective relationship with a child, every parent strives to figure out the best parenting techniques that will work well in raising their child. Parents look for exciting and creative ways so that their kids listen to them. Being a parent of a toddler seems quite like riding a roller coaster ride every day. There are many challenges that parents face, and potty training for their child ranks at the top. It is a herculean task. 

How Potty Training Watch for Girls & Boys Help?

Athena Futures is helping parents by providing products that will ease their child's transition from diapers to going to the toilet on their own. To do this task creatively, We have introduced a potty training watch for girls & boys. This watch is designed by keeping kids in mind, so it is attractive in looks, and we have made sure that your kid falls in love with it. The idea behind this watch is to remind your children to go to the toilet or use the potty. The potty training watch for girls & boys comes featured with flashing lights and music that will remind the children to go to the toilet. It may sound weird, but you must schedule your kid’s time to go to the toilet. By fixing a potty time for kids, you can make them avoid wearing diapers during that time. Slowly but gradually, your kids will get used to it, and the watch will remind them to go to the toilet at the scheduled time.


Features of Potty Training Watch

The exciting feature of this watch, it has a looping timer on which it is easy to set up a programmable loop in timer of 15m, 30m, 45m, 60m, 90m, 2H, and 3H. It will remind your kid when they need to go to a party. You can turn off this feature whenever you feel the need to. Parents always get confused when to start potty training for their kids as there is no correct age. It varies with the child. Ideally, when kids reach between 18-30 months, it is considered the best time when most children can start with their potty training. The potty training watch for girls & boys comes with a rechargeable battery with an amazing standby time of 3 days, which means there is no need for external batteries. It is also made water-resistant as kids like to throw stuff, and what if they splash water on it? There is no need to worry as we have got that covered. The watch's display is also quite attractive as it has a modern dial and has a playful design that your kid will admire all day long. The strap of the potty training watch is made of Silicon material that is quite strong and feels soft, and it will not leave any mark on your kid's arm.


Potty Training Charts for Toddlers

If your little one cannot develop the potty training schedule, it will become quite challenging for you to make them. Some children face difficulties when they transit from diapers to the toilet. To make their transition easy, we at Athena Futures have introduced potty training charts for toddlers. The idea behind this chart is based on a reward system that will monitor your kid's success. Potty training is a big milestone for your kid, and we help your little one with the fun and straightforward approach that will get your kid engaged with the concept that makes your kid learn how to use the toilet. We have designed a chart with four weeks worth of kit in which your child can earn a reward, get to wear a beautiful crown, and complete their training. To help you set up this chart, we have added a complete manual within the kit. Keep your kid interested in learning about potty training by rewarding them with one of the fun animal stickers whenever they use the toilet. When you feel that your kid is successfully trained in potty training, reward them with the certificate that is included in the kit.



The most important thing that every parent needs to keep in mind when trying to potty train is never to push your child before they feel ready. It may seem an intimidating task, but there is nothing to worry about if your child is not ready. Explore our website for exciting products that will help you get your kid transitioning from diapers to the toilet.